Maximum Fullness Shampoo  
Add fullness and shine to fine hair
35 oz $35.00(best value)   10oz $13.00

True Hue™ Highlights Shampoo 
Color brightening agents illuminates highlighted hair.
35 oz $35.00(best value)   10oz  $13.00  

True Hue™ Anti-Fading Shampoo 
Low pH extends the vibrancy of color deposited on reds and brunettes
35 oz $35.00(best value)   10oz  $13.00

Pure Moisturizing Shampoo 
Intense hydrating formula for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair
35 oz $35.00(best value)   10oz  $13.00

Anti-Frizz Shampoo 
Smoothes and shines frizzy hair
35 oz $35.00 10 oz $14.00

Maximum Fullness Conditioner 
Lightweight formula maximizes strength and shine with keratin and silk proteins
35 oz $35.00(best value)   10oz  $13.00

ColorMoist™ Conditioner 
Emollient-rich formula locks in moisture to color treated hair
35 oz $35.00(best value)   10oz  $13.00

Elixir 11 $14.50
Anti-aging treatment locks in color, moisturizes, repairs, and prevents further damage  5 oz

Indulge Masque $16.00
Ultimate once weekly moisturizing treatment for dry/damaged hair

Silkening Serum $15.00
Silkens coarse textured hair.  Contains sunscreen

Flex Hold Styling Gel $12.50
Sheer and never flaky, adds fullness and shine while providing great hold 6 oz

Texture taffy $14.50
Pliable styling paste for piecey, defining looks 2 oz

Matte Paste Wax $14.50
Pliable paste for definition and structure. Maximum hold 2 oz

Creative Volume Foam $14.50
Creates lasting volume and style support.  Humidity resistant. Never sticky 6.1 oz

Volume Infusion $14.50
Color preserving volumizer for curl definer with shine and control. 6 oz

Brilliance $16.00
Flat iron sealer. Seals cuticle to protect against intense heat 2.25 oz

Straight and Smooth $14.00
Anti-frizz straightening balm 5 oz

Styling Crème $13.00
Works like both a gel and mousse. Defines curls and controls frizz 6 oz

Designer Shaping Spray $13.50
Fast drying, water free formula. Maximum hold. Contains Sunscreen 10 oz

Stay $13.50
Extra Hold. Long lasting. Super firm. Sunscreen 9 oz

Stay Spritz and Shine $13.50
humididty resistant styling spritz with thermal ironing protection 6 oz

Keratin Therapy $21.00
Penetrate hair to repair, revitalize during heat styling 1.7 oz